4 Secrets About Technology That You Absolutely Must Know

A fast progressing thing like technology must have its secrets, right? Today we are going to spill some. Do you know any secrets about technology? Do you believe in them? Do you think technology is dangerous? Why do you think there are secrets around it anyway?

How incognito are you

We all used Ctrl + Shift + N at least once. I usually use it when I am not on my computer and I have to log in my e-mail and I don’t want Gmail to remember me or I simply don’t have the time to erase the user after I am done.

But did you know that Incognito mode does absolutely nothing! True, your searches don’t show in your History tab but your IP address is still visible to everyone. So if you are trying to do something in Incognito mode, thinking that nobody can see what you are doing, you might think again.


How much do you trust uncle Google

Most of us use Google as our search engine and we have Google Play, Google Maps, Gmail. They even bought YouTube! So every time you accept their policies and you let Google manage your pictures or accounts, you give them the access to all your data. If you just turn your location on on your phone, they immediately know where you are.


Google is simply not on your side. If you were ought to do something, Google could simply give them your information and they would find you immediately.


Hackers are after you

Have you ever got the alert that someone wanted to hack your e-mail of Facebook? Not only is that easier than ever (especially for a skilled hacker) but sometimes sites themselves will want to access your account but you will think that it was someone else.



What do you know about monitoring

Do you work in an office? Or do you work from your computer in any way? Did you know that there is a way for your boss or someone in your vicinity to log on to your server or Wi-Fi network and can see everything you are doing on your computer and when you’re not watching they can even snoop around.