Top 3 Tech Events You Would Want To Be a Part of in 2018

Of course this has to be one of the posts on my blog. Every year you have so many events and technology-related conventions that it would just be a shame if we wouldn’t attend them. So if you’re a tech-freak like me and you want to know more about technology or the future it’s promising, make sure you check out the events below and write down the dates, because adventure is coming your way!

1. Network of the Future

Because it is May already and because I know you will be excited to attend as many events as possible I decided to pick one that I think is the most useful one in June 2018. The conference will be in Plano, Texas and it’s a three day trip for getting all the knowledge about different infrastructure that you would need, no matter what industry you’re a part of and no matter what’s your business about. If you want to know the latest things you need for your market, this is the right conference for you.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Don’t let me get started on this one! This is a must for all technology enthusiasts and the one I am most excited for. We will all have to wait a bit for this one, since it’s in September, but I promise it will be worth your while. The conference lasts 2 days in San Francisco and it will spill all the secrets about AI. You will be able to meet developers, scientist and innovators and together you will find out more about AI than ever before! If you want a robot in your home soon, you mustn’t miss this one!

3. Cybersecurity Conference

A month after AI conference there is one in Montreat College’s Center and from the three it’s the most serious one. As we know cyberbullying is becoming bigger every year and the awareness is not even close to protecting its victims. The speakers will help you understand cyberbullying and teach you how to properly protect yourself from it.

Infographic by: TFE Times