Computer analyses in sports betting

This is perfectly normal on the stock market: the use of computers to generate profits. Wouldn’t it be great to use computers for sports betting as well? What would it be like if the PC were to carry out analyses? Imagine if everything went automatically and the profits were made while you were asleep or if software at least indicated the perfect time to bet money on this or that sporting event. Apart from the fact that this is practical, the time factor naturally also plays a role: while a person looks at what’s going on every now and then, and then reacts, the computer is always ready and reacts in fractions of a second.

Computer Analysis: Illegal? Morally reprehensible?

Computer Analyses

Computer analyses for sports betting or online football betting tips: Odds are of course calculated automatically. Nobody sits there and calculates again after each bet to calculate odds. What would happen if he miscalculated? Not to be imagined. Artificial intelligence has long since arrived in the field of sports betting. Anyone who decides to use computer programs to get help does not act illegally, because that is not prohibited. The moral side must be judged by everyone themselves. Apart from where such software comes from and what such a thing costs, it is likely to be used.

Machine remains machine

It would certainly be worth its weight in gold to have good software for computer analyses. What means good is a matter of interpretation. But a computer is only as good as it is programmed. It cannot process information such as current facts – the illness of a football player, for example. Only if the betting strategy is only based on odds would an automatism be helpful. On the other hand, nothing is so complicated and time-consuming that such an enormous amount of money would be worthwhile. This is proven by the following strategies, which pay particular attention to the amount of odds:

Strategies based above all on odds

For people who prefer to play it safe, the following strategy is suitable: If you place a 1.1 odds bet once a day, you have increased your budget by a factor of 2.59 after ten days. From 10 euro become after

10 days = 25,90 Euro
20 days = 67,30 Euro
30 days = 174,50 Euro
40 days = 452,60 Euro
50 days = 1173,90 Euro
60 days = 3044,80 Euro
70 days = 7897,50 Euro
80 days = 20484 Euro

In the event of a loss, you will need 10 won bets to recoup the money. In order to reduce the risk, you combine the system with a Surebets strategy and halve the money after 20 days. If you then lose, you only fall back about ten days and the money can continue to work, for example (this time with the strong capital of 1.00 euros):

10 days = 2,59 Euro
20 days = 6,73 Euro
=> 3,36 Euro secured and 3,37 Euro will be played on
30 days = 8,72 Euro
40 days = 22,63 Euro
11,31 Euro secured and 11,32 Euro will be played on
50 days = 29,35 Euro
60 days = 76,12 Euro
=> 38,06 Euro secured with 38,06 Euro will be played again
70 days = 98,72 Euro
80 days = 256,05 Euro
128,02 Euro secured with 128,03 Euro will be played on
90 days = 332,06 Euro
100 days = 861,29 Euro

The big advantage: If you are at 4000 Euro, 2000 Euro can be paid out as profit and the remaining 2000 Euro double again within 10 days. In addition, this strategy can be used in almost all sports.

Betting against late goals

This strategy is good if you are looking for bets with a high hit rate, good odds and the shortest possible betting period. With this system it is assumed that in certain matches no goal is scored in the last five minutes of a game. First you should look at the character of the game: This means KO games and games with a clear favourite are ignored.

Then you look at the course of the game until the 85th minute. The following possibilities or assumptions exist:

1. favourite leads with one goal – no further goal to be expected
2. favourite leads with two goals or more – no more goals to expect
3. outsider leads – further goal is likely
4. draw – assessment whether both teams could be satisfied with a draw (not for title aspirants or relegation candidates) – no further goal
5. at least one sending-off – further goal is probable

Then take a look at the season statistics of the participating teams: How was a goal scored in the last five minutes and how often did the goalkeeper of a team have to grab behind him in the last minutes? If all the conditions are met, the goal should be set in the 85th minute.

Timing matters

Good timing is essential for this strategy. It’s also handy to know football data so you don’t have to look it up first. The right site you can find here.


4 Secrets About Technology That You Absolutely Must Know

A fast progressing thing like technology must have its secrets, right? Today we are going to spill some. Do you know any secrets about technology? Do you believe in them? Do you think technology is dangerous? Why do you think there are secrets around it anyway?

How incognito are you

We all used Ctrl + Shift + N at least once. I usually use it when I am not on my computer and I have to log in my e-mail and I don’t want Gmail to remember me or I simply don’t have the time to erase the user after I am done.

But did you know that Incognito mode does absolutely nothing! True, your searches don’t show in your History tab but your IP address is still visible to everyone. So if you are trying to do something in Incognito mode, thinking that nobody can see what you are doing, you might think again.


How much do you trust uncle Google

Most of us use Google as our search engine and we have Google Play, Google Maps, Gmail. They even bought YouTube! So every time you accept their policies and you let Google manage your pictures or accounts, you give them the access to all your data. If you just turn your location on on your phone, they immediately know where you are.


Google is simply not on your side. If you were ought to do something, Google could simply give them your information and they would find you immediately.


Hackers are after you

Have you ever got the alert that someone wanted to hack your e-mail of Facebook? Not only is that easier than ever (especially for a skilled hacker) but sometimes sites themselves will want to access your account but you will think that it was someone else.



What do you know about monitoring

Do you work in an office? Or do you work from your computer in any way? Did you know that there is a way for your boss or someone in your vicinity to log on to your server or Wi-Fi network and can see everything you are doing on your computer and when you’re not watching they can even snoop around.

The Future of Technology – How Far Can It Go

Just 18 years ago Nokia released their famous indestructible phone and became one of the top competitors in the phone industry. Now, we have so many phone-making companies that we don’t know which one to choose. Technology boomed in the last 25 years. In 2007 Motorola announced their first smartphone, which was a little more than 10 years ago and look at our phones now.

Technology is progressing every day more and it is even taking over our jobs. How long before it takes over our lives completely? We already rely highly on it. What do you think, how far is technology going to go? Here are some predictions:

Robots won’t be just a movie “thing”

If you follow technology news just a bit, you know that every developed country is in a race for creating the most functioned robot and put in on the market. While many believe that the age of robotics will ruin the human race, others think it will help us enormously when it comes to our day to day life.

Privacy is becoming an issue

Lately, people aren’t happy with the privacy policies every company and app is swearing they have. Every time we download something or we want to install something we have to give access to our personal information, pictures, contacts, etc.

Have you ever wondered why that is? Do they really need all of that or is it just a scam?
The rumors that there is a camera in every corner are already out there. What will happen to our data as technology goes further and they get more and more access to our information?

What is the real world

We have all heard about VR before and by the way it’s progressing VR could become people’s real world. There has already been talk about people getting lost in it and confusing what is real and what is not. It’s just a matter of time they create a VR where you won’t have to take it off; what will happen to us then?