Routes::Tiny tips and tricks

Routest::Tiny have improved a lot since the first release in 2011. Here I collected some tips and tricks that maybe are not that obvious from the documentation.

Below are the practical examples from the working Kritika code.

Named routes

This is the best thing about Routes::Tiny. You can not only parse the paths but also build them! I always use named routes. For example:

$routes->add_route( '/', name => 'index', method => 'GET' );

Now anywhere in the controller, template, helper I can just use build_path('index') and will get the correct path (or absolute url if I want). This way changing the way your URLs look like is a matter of changing them only in one place where they were declared.

Via routes

Imagine a very common scenario. You have a base path /users/:user_id and now you want to plug in an action to this URL like /users/:user_id/settings. And inside of the controller attached to /users/:user_id you're doing some logic that has to be replicated in the new settings, something like loading a user and checking permissions. Now what you want to do is to create a via or proxy action that should will be always called when accessing a nested path.

The solution to this is to use arguments inside of the nested routes. For example:

my $profile = $routes->add_route('/profiles/:profile_id',
    'arguments' => {via => 'user_profile_via'});

$profile->add_route('/',       name => 'user_profile');
$profile->add_route('/save',   name => 'user_profile_save');
$profile->add_route('/delete', name => 'user_profile_delete');

Now when doing a routes match we can get via argument and call the correct action.

But what if you want to have many via actions? That's where you can use +arguments. Which is the same as arguments but instead of replacing the previous value it is pushed creating an array.

Now you just to have to do something like this:

foreach my $via (@$vias) {
    my $via_action = $self->_build_action($via, $env);

    die 'not found' unless $via_action;



Are you using Routes::Tiny? Do you have your own tips?


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