YAPC::Russia 2017

On the 4th of November we had YAPC::Russia 2017 in Moscow. This was a 10th anniversary and it had to be nothing but great!

Long before the conference we wanted to invite somebody special. I had talked to several people and finally Stevan Little agreed to come to Russia! What a brave American I must say :)

As for me I went to shamelessly plug my project kritika.io and prepared a talk about finding code duplications in Perl applications on a big scale (text version in English is coming soon).

Flying with Aeroflot is ok. The space is a little tight, but the food is the best I've had on any flight.

Flight Space

The 3rd of November. Moscow airport. 1°C. Cold. Especially when you have nothing but an autumn jacket.

The Aeroexpress train from Sheremetievo airport to the city (not really center but next to the subway and railway station) is very comfortable and not very expensive, I always buy a business class for 1000 rub (~15 eur). In 35 minutes you are there.

The next stop is my hotel. I booked one for two nights for 7800 rub (~115 eur). Not the best, not the worst, right in the middle. The laminate on the walls was a bit strange though :D


The next stop is a preparty with Andrew Shitov and Ilya Chesnokov in a busy bar with burgers and strange beer. Andrew couldn't finish his Tears of Liberty :)

The 4th of November. Time to start the conference!

Here is the venue, looks dark and scary, but it's not!


Here is the venue from inside

From Above

So we start!


Here is the list of the talks we had this year:

  1. Multithreaded image optimization in Perl by Nikolay Lavlinskiy
  2. JSON-schema validation in Perl using Javascript libraries by Nikolay Baryshnikov
  3. Automatic detection of code duplications by me
  4. How to get into the top of HighloadCup in Perl by Vladimir Perepelitsa
  5. Benefits of using Moose by Dmitry Ratkov
  6. Moxie - Not Another Moose Clone by Stevan Little
  7. Testing tools I can't live without by Ilya Chesnokov
  8. Perl usage on AB tests example by Nikolay Baryshnikov
  9. What's new in Perl 6 by Andrew Shitov
  10. Decorators in Perl by Vadim Pushtaev

Here is a talk by Stevan, what a great slide!

Stevan Little

Full video is already available, it will be edited a bit later by the organizers.

There was also a lottery! And I won!


The organizers did a very good job. Thank you very much!

After the conference we had an afterparty starting from beer and finishing with wiskey and cognac long after the midnight. The weather wasn't as cold anymore btw :D

The next day on Sunday I wanted to walk a little bit, but almost everything was closed in the city center, lots of police everywhere. So I ended up going to GUM and eating/buying some delicious stuff.


It was a great time! See you next year!


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