Attribute::Contract now uses Type::Tiny

I became very interested in Type::Tiny as soon as I saw Toby's first post (yes I like modules that do one thing and do not depend on half of the CPAN). And then I thought why not to actually use it. And this is why Attribute::Contract now uses Type::Tiny!

package MyClass;

use AttributeContract -types => [qw/ClassName Object Str/];

sub new :ContractRequires(ClassName) :ContractEnsures(Object) {

    return $self;

sub method :ContractRequires(Object, Str) :ContractEnsures(Str) {
    my $self = shift;
    my ($string) = @_;

    return $another_string;

This to me looks much better than (sorry Toby :):

state $check = compile(Str, Str, slurpy ArrayRef[Num]);
my ($sort_code, $account_number, $monies) = $check->(@_);

Moreover Attribute::Contract makes sure that the rules are inheritable, so in a child class you do nothing when the needed method is not overwritten or just use the module if it is.

package MyClassChild;
use base 'MyClass';
use AttributeContract;

sub method {

Also, inlike with Method::Signatures, it is possible the check the return values too. See more details in my previous article


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