Perltuts - Interactive Perl tutorials

Let me introduce to you the, a website with interactive Perl tutorials where you can run the code in your browser!


The tutorials themselves are just POD documents that are imported into the database. When the webpage is rendered all the code is transformed into editable textarea elements with CodeMirror. When you click the Run button an ajax call is performed sending the code to the evaluator, which gives back stdout, stderr and test results if they were present.


Evaluator is a simple daemon that runs on a virtual machine, it accepts the code, builds the Perl package and evals it capturing the output with Capture::Tiny. It does some timeout checking and fork limiting of course.

The virtual machine (qemu Debian image) allows you to run a real Perl code on a real machine. This can be used when writing advanced tutorials including IO, networking, forks etc (I tried Safe but wanted more freedom). It is reset every hour from a snaphot.


Exercises are just the code where output after evaluation is run against the prebuilt Test::More package. The tests can be as sofisticated as needed.


You may have noticed there are some Perl books presented. I've collected the latest editions, so the beginners can pick the up-to-day Perl books easily (there is an article about the books btw).

Want to get involved?

Sure, see the Get Involved page!

Maybe you've already seen or Perltuts is something like that, but for Perl! Of course it's still in progress, there is only one basic and not complete tutorial, but I just want to have the feedback as early as possible.

Let me know what you think!


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