Perl and friends books publications statistics

When I tried to learn another scripting language I was looking for the books (eh, the first thing that comes to my mind). I was searching and searching and then got curious on how many books were published during the last 10 years in the languages that kinda share the same field. So I called Ruby, Python and PHP friends and started building statistics.

It may not be the most correct one, since I searched only via amazon books using their ecommerce API.

First I tried using Net::Amazon but it didn't worked very well for paging, so I just wrote a simple "get the job done" script. I cheated a bit, because I removed everything that was about the web frameworks (Catalyst, Django, Rails, Sinatra and so on). Then prepared data for gnuplot.

And btw you can check it yourself, here is the script

I am working on a small project that somehow uses this data, so stay tuned for the announcement!


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