Perl Mova / YAPC::Russia 2012 is over!

So the conference is over. And here are some numbers, photos, links, thoughts, etc.

We had over 200 registered attendees from 13 countries. On the first day we had 125 people and 50 at the start and 80 at the end on the second one. Yes, after the beer party (which was attended by 120 people) not everybody could wake up that early.

19 talks, 6 lightnings. Many talks were in English. Not Russian speakers said it was pretty much easy to follow since all the slides were in English anyway.

As for me there were only minor flaws and generally the conference was an epic win, considering it to be first one I helped organizing.

A big thank you to our sponsors for making this conference possible in the first place.

Thank you to everybody involved into organization of the conference, especially Yaroslav Korshak, Andrew Shitov, Oleg Kostyuk, Eugene Batovsky and many others.

Thank you to every guest speaker for coming a long way! And to every attendee for visiting!

I am sure there are going to be other reports from attendees with their own feelings about the conference. So check the website later today for the photos and links, search and


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