Found this Perl script on a defaced webserver

So the other day one of our web servers was defaced and I found a Perl script that was used to clean up the logs and other leftovers. I opened it in vim and was like "What da ...". Let's go through the code with me.

use strict;

No use warnings but that'll work too. So far so good.

But then 170 lines of code without newlines, subroutines or proper indentation.

A big fat if with exits:

if (...) {
    # 157 lines of code
else {

What? Who writes code like this?

system "echo -e \"\\033[01;37mDefacing all homepages ...\"\n";

Why on earth use system and echo for the output even with escape sequences?

Then 14 files are checked for existence and are removed. With 14 ifs like:

if (-e '/some/file') {
    system 'rm -rf /some/file';
    # output file was erased
else {
    # output file does not exist

And then some of them are removed for the second time (just in case) with:

system 'find / -name 'some file' -exec rm -rf {} \;';

I am so disappointed in this Perl script. So disappointed. And btw no .bash_history was erased.


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