YAPC::Brazil 2012!

Yesterday I came back to Kiev from YAPC::Brazil 2012 in Sao Paulo. To say the trip was great is to say nothing. And of course all the karma goes to @garu for hosting us in Rio and taking care of us in Brazil in general!

Rio is just awesome. Here are some pictures:

My hotel in Sao Paulo wasn't the best one as you can see from the window view:

The conference itself was shared with W3C conference and the organization was top level. There was even a simultaneous translation into English.

As usual there was a hall dedicated to the cool kids.

I did my talk on the first day. Here are my slides. Though I think I did ok, one of my live demos failed :D But still 2 of 3 were successful!

I also announced YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev. I hope to see people from Brazil.

As you probably already know rafl released perl-5.17.5 live on the second day of the conference! This was a historical event.

At the end there was garu's Perl quiz. The quiz that blows your mind. My team got 3 of 10 answers right. The winning team got 5 :)

Some tips for those traveling abroad (and me of course :):

  • always have cash in a respectable currency (USD, EUR, etc)
  • always check if your CC works in the destination country
  • pay more attention to the local hotels
  • buy the SIM card ASAP and have important numbers there
  • learn some trivial but important phrases

I had a great time and a great company. Once again, thanks garu for having us!


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