Fighting memory leaks

When developing an async app in Perl it is fairly easy to introduce a memory leak in many anonymous subroutines. When I faced this issue in PocketIO (thanks to jegade, fearless enough to run it in production) I tried a few modules on CPAN like Devel::Cycle, Devel::LeakTrace and others. But it didn't work for me.

So what I did is very simple and I hope there is a better way.

First all DESTROY methods were implemented in all classes:

    warn "I am destroyed";

And then a wonderful Devel::FindRef module was used (prints all the references to your variable) for every object that wasn't destroyed.

I wish there was a way to automatically implement all DESTROY methods with debugging info and some general registry of all created objects. Maybe there is already a module on CPAN and I couldn't find it?


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