SSL tunnel for Perl/Plack web applications

Adding TLS/SSL support to your Perl web application could cause a headache if it's not embedded in your web server. The most popular solution is to use an ssl tunnel in front of your server that transparantly encrypts/decrypts messages. In order to tell Plack application that TLS/SSL tunnel is used at least two special HTTP headers X-Forwarded-For and X-Forwarded-Proto must be set. The problem is that a well-known tunneling application stunnel does not support X-Forwarded-Proto header...

This is not a problem if you don't need to know if you run under TLS/SSL. You even don't have to care in your templates about http:// and https:// because you can use these urls:

<a href="//">Home</a>

// will be automatically replaced by the current protocol.

The problem arrises when you have to use WebSockets for example (either raw or as a part of Socket.IO suite). This way you have to change not only protocol url to wss:// but also WebSocket-specific HTTP headers.

In order to solve this problem I've written a simple TLS/SSL tunnel in AnyEvent that supports X-Forwarded-Proto headers and plays nicely with Plack::Middleware::SocketIO. The source code is available on GitHub One thing that stops me from releasing it on CPAN is a small bug in the current AnyEvent, but the patch that fixes the problem will be shipped with the next AnyEvent release. I hope this will happen soon.


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