Having fun programming is overestimated

A "web framework that makes development fun", a "fun way to program", a "fun introduction". I am tired of this fun programming. Development shouldn't be fun, if I want fun I go and play football with my friends.

# no-perl
Fun is an ephemeral emotion. I feel it right now, it doesn't have deep
roots. Doesn't really go anywhere, it doesn't feed me in a deep way. It
feels good, I like having fun... but it's different than joy.

-- Kent Beck "Ease at Work"

Fun is something that makes you feel happy for a short period of time but doesn't change you and/or improve your skills. What's the point of fun programming? Suppose I use a framework, library or a module. Should I have fun by using it? No. Instead it should bring a joy by being stable, understandable, flexible etc.

"Fun" is a bad smell for a project.


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