Reading Perl documentation: perlrun

Recently I reread perlrun and found amazing things I didn't know about. Maybe this can be interesting for somebody else too.

Tracing Perl script

Something like set -x for bash scripts:

PERLDB_OPTS="NonStop=1 AutoTrace=1 frame=2" perl -dS ./

Turn on Unicode

When printing Unicode text on the command line, you don't have to encode it, just use -C switch:

perl -C -Mutf8 -e 'print "привет\n"'

-e can be used multiple times

perl -e 'print "hello";' -e 'print "\n"'

Copy files with perl

If you can't use cp you can use perl!

perl -p -i'/some/file/path/*' -e 1 file1 file2 file3

Extract Perl script

You received an email and there is a Perl script somewhere, you don't have to extract it yourself. Let perl do it. By using -x switch perl will try to find Perl script and will run it.


here is a Perl script I wrote. Try it.

#!/usr/bin/env perl

print "Hello world\n";

And then:

perl -x email.txt

Reading documentation is useful :)


Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below:

  • Around line 19:

    Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in '"привет\n"''. Assuming UTF-8


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