Back from BlackPerl 2011

On the first days of October (1-2) I was in Crimea (beautiful peninsula on the Black Sea). There was a beta version of BlackPerl workshop. We had not many people there but we had a lot of fun, presentations and even a small hackathon.

The workshop was organized by Yaroslav Korshak from Kiev PM group.

The view from the building was just awesome:

Setup Day

I wasn't on the first setup day, but the guys were already hacking:

Day One

On the first day Yaroslav Korshak (aka yko) explained how to behave, what to say and other stuff that could kick us out from the workshop:

And we had some great presentations:


On the first night we did a little hackathon which created Relaxer!

Day Two

On the second day we had even more presentations!

So this is it. For more photos visit


It was a great time: nice people, interesting talks and good weather despite of October. Hacking together was a useful experience too.

Thanks everybody involved!


I hope the next year we will have BlackPerl again and this time with more people and more interesting presentations!


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