Sending email from Mojolicious

Ever wondered what is the easiest way to send an email from Mojolicious? Some simple way that would allow you to use templates and more advanced stuff? There is already a plugin for that — Mojolicious::Plugin::Mail!

Mojolicious::Plugin::Mail fits very naturally. It introduces a new mail template format and handy mail and render_mail helpers.

If you don't need any special behaviour just load the plugin without any parameters:

# Mojolicious::Lite
plugin 'mail';

# Mojolicious

For a more controllable and advanced behaviour the following configuration could be made:

    mail => {
        from     => '',
        encoding => 'base64',
        how      => 'sendmail',
        howargs  => ['/usr/sbin/sendmail -t'],

Sending an email from a controller is not harder:

$self->mail(to => '',
    template => 'controller/action', format => 'mail');

That will grab a controller/action.mail.ep template:

% stash subject => 'Emaling from Mojolicious is fun!';
Hello, world!

If you are really demanding and want to build a message yourself you can always use a mail helper, that has a MIME::Lite interface.

    to      => '',
    from    => '',

    cc      => '..',
    bcc     => '..',

    subject => 'Emailing from Mojolicious is fun!',
    data    => 'Hello, world!',

For attachments, additional headers, encodings and so on see the original documentation Mojolicious::Plugin::Mail.


Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below:

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    Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in '—'. Assuming UTF-8


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