Let's Twist: Bootylicious on top of Dancer

It doesn't matter what framework you use, but what does matter is how good your model is. By model I mean M in MVC. There are plenty ways to parse HTTP, to dispatch an url, to render a template, to server a static file. But there is only one way to:

my $booty = Bootylicious->new;

With a good model you can switch web frameworks, template engines and more. So to prove it the Twist was born.

Twist is Bootylicious (originally written in Mojolicious) on top of Dancer. Well, it is just another way to view and control Bootylicious. In some ways it is harder, in some ways it is easier, but it is definetely possible.

The good model separation also protects you from unexpected changes in underlying layers. As long as you control the model, your application stays stable.


Bootylicious source code http://github.com/vti/bootylicious.

Twist source code http://github.com/vti/twist.


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