Hypnotoad: A new preforking Perl server for Mojolicious

From the documentation:

Mojo::Server::Hypnotoad is a full featured UNIX optimized preforking async io HTTP 1.1 and WebSocket server built around the very well tested and reliable Mojo::Server::Daemon with TLS, Bonjour, epoll, kqueue and hot deployment support that just works.

This is a new preforking server that we all have been waiting for after the old preforking server was deprecated.

This server has some really unique features:

  • WebSocket support

    While writing a standalone WebSocket server isn't that difficult (http://showmetheco.de/articles/2010/11/timtow-to-build-a-websocket-server-in-perl.html), preforking should be done with care and quality that Mojolicious always brings to you.

  • Hot deployment

    With the help of UNIX signals, you can control number of workers, upgrade without losing any incoming connections, gracefully shutdown the server and workers.

  • Advanced configuration

    From a configuration file (normal Perl hash) you can control queue size for listen, workers number, maximum number or parallel clients, user and group, reverse proxy support, various timeouts, lock and pid files and many more.

Check it out on GitHub http://github.com/kraih/mojo!


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