Mojolicious JsonConfig plugin

So now the JSON configuration that i used in Bootylicious and Pastelicious is available as Mojolicious plugin and was added by Sebastian Riedel to the core Mojo code. The source code is available at github

Configuration file is in JSON format but first is preprocessed by Mojo::Template that gives an access to the main application object via $app variable or app helper.

An example could look like this:

    "foo"       : "bar",
    "music_dir" : "<%= app->home->rel_dir('music') %>"

Plugin is loaded as usual, but also returns parsed config so it is possible to use it during startup stage (to load other plugins, do some general one-time configuration etc).

# Mojolicious::Lite
my $config = plugin('json_config');

# Mojolicious
my $config = $self->plugin('json_config');

Plugin is configurable. Options are file, default and stash_key.

If file is not specified it will try myapp.conf file (where myapp is application's name) under the application's home directory. If file is specified as an absolute path it will be handled as expected.

Option default is used when default configuration is required. When parsing is done configuration will be merged.

After configuration is preprocessed and parsed it is put into the stash. The stash key is configurable through option stash_key. It is config by default.

The full featured example could look like this:

my $config = plugin json_config => {
    file      => '/etc/myapp.json',
    stash_key => 'conf',
    default   => {title => 'My App'}


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