Welcome to my technology blog.

My name is Jennifer Angelo and I am here to give you all the latest scoop and news about technology. If you’re a tech person like me, you will love this website.

Anything from events to secrets and all knowledge relatable to technology can be found on my blog.

I created this page because I am a technology enthusiast. I have been since I got my first phone for my 10th birthday. I was so fascinated by the device that I simply had to research how it was made and how it can function. First I thought that technology was like magic and sometimes, by the innovations and recent creations I kind of still do.

Technology is something many people are afraid of, others find it useless but many people are just excited about it. I belong to the latter group. I find myself reading articles about technology almost every day, so it only made sense that I created this blog.

Come along on this tech-full adventure. I am sure that you will leave my blog in shock, fascinated and with a head full of questions. For those, you can visit my Contact page. Any technology related questions I can answer!