Perl Mova and YAPC::Russia. 12-13 May

Following Andrew Shitov's post I want to invite you to visit a Perl conference in Ukraine 12-13 May.

This year we are going to have some special guests: Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, Gabor Szabo, Florian Ragwitz, Peter Rabbitson, Torsten Raudssus and many others. If you still have any doubts read on, otherwise rush to the registration page!

Found this Perl script on a defaced webserver

So the other day one of our web servers was defaced and I found a Perl script that was used to clean up the logs and other leftovers. I opened it in vim and was like "What da ...". Let's go through the code with me.

Text::APL - streaming and non-blocking Perl template engine

This is yet another template engine. But compared to others it supports non-blocking (read/write) and streaming output.

PocketIO vivification

Since 0.10 PocketIO doesn't require Plack and has a new dependency Protocol::SocketIO.

Learning music notes with Perl

So the other day I bought a MIDI2USB interface to my piano keyboard and as a programmer I was curious about sending back and forth those MIDI events. I decided to write a simple Perl game that can help to learn the music notes. The routine is simple. The random note is generated and printed out on the terminal (like D3), then you have to find that note on the keyboard and play it. If it matches you get ok, otherwise not ok. And so on. As always CPAN saved hours of my time.

Accessors are dangerous

So commonly used accessors (setters/getters) I think are dangerous when overused or used without a caution. Here is a quick list why.

Having fun programming is overestimated

A "web framework that makes development fun", a "fun way to program", a "fun introduction". I am tired of this fun programming. Development shouldn't be fun, if I want fun I go and play football with my friends.

# no-perl
Fun is an ephemeral emotion. I feel it right now, it doesn't have deep
roots. Doesn't really go anywhere, it doesn't feed me in a deep way. It
feels good, I like having fun... but it's different than joy.

-- Kent Beck "Ease at Work"

Fun is something that makes you feel happy for a short period of time but doesn't change you and/or improve your skills. What's the point of fun programming? Suppose I use a framework, library or a module. Should I have fun by using it? No. Instead it should bring a joy by being stable, understandable, flexible etc.

"Fun" is a bad smell for a project.

TDD Best Practices in Perl

In this article I've collected the best practices of TDD (Test Driven development) that help me in my work. I brought them together for the future reference, updates, sharing and discussion.

Reading Perl documentation: perlrun

Recently I reread perlrun and found amazing things I didn't know about. Maybe this can be interesting for somebody else too.

Back from BlackPerl 2011

On the first days of October (1-2) I was in Crimea (beautiful peninsula on the Black Sea). There was a beta version of BlackPerl workshop. We had not many people there but we had a lot of fun, presentations and even a small hackathon.